My typical backpacking / wild-camping gear for a nights outing. Some of the gear is now retired or replaced with something lighter or better performing.

Adventure Photography Gear Resource

Please note that all the gear I've listed is bought, tried and tested by myself. I will only recommend what I think works in the mountains or back-country. This is just to make life easy in the mountains. This above photo of myself, taken by Juza while we did the hut-to-hut hike in the Dolomites, show cases what I used to own in my late 20ies. Except the shoes (Lowa) and the tripod (Slik carbonfibre) everything is bought for a two digit sum in euros. Remember - owning all the gear but not actually being out there is kind of pointless. Just go out and buy the gear as and when you can afford it.

My Medium & Large Format Film Equipment

My 4x5 Camera and Lenses

Chamonix 45Nii

Rodenstock 150mm/f5.6 Sironar S

Nikon 200mm/f9 A

Nikon 300mm/f8 A

 Carl Zeiss Jena 210mm/f4.5 for portraits only

Hasselblad 501C with 80mm Planar lens