OTWTW - On The Way To Work

When I started to learn the technique side of photography I decided on a project. It was simple. Make at least one image every day while riding my bicycle to work. The place was awesome and so was the road to the work-place. A small village in Weßling (South Munich, Germany) and I was working at the German Aerospace Centre. I was extremely fortunate to see the Alps on a good day and they were an hours drive away from where we lived. I changed the work place for a couple of years to Göttingen and there too the project continued. The goal was simple - refine technique with every image taken. Study them and learn from mistakes. This started in 2001. Using film was the only option. I slowly moved from 35mm to Mamiya 645 1000s, then to Pentax 6x7 and eventually 4x5 large format. Here are some of the images made during this project which went on for about 6 years. My commute to work has never been as satisfying. And I doubt if it ever will be.

Chaos - 4x5 with filmback + Velvia 50 in 2005.

Order - Mamiya 645 + Velvia 50 in 2004.

Following - Canon EOS 500N + Velvla 50 in 2002.

Window with a view - Pentax 67+Velvia 50 in 2005.

Moonlake - Mamiya 645 + Velvia 50 in  2006.

Place for reflection - Canon EOS 500N + Velvia 50 in 2002

Transition - Canon 500D in 2007

Illuminate - Canon EOS 5D Mark I in 2009

Warm and Cold - Canon EOS 5D Mark I in 2009

Dead Beauty - Canon EOS 500D in 2009

Woods are Lovely - Nikon 80D in 2006

Monet's Dreams - Canon EOS 5D Mark I in 2009