Re-entry : Large Format Photography

Large format is expensive. Large format is slow. Large format is unforgiving. However I've always loved the slow process.

I'm a huge fan of checklists. So here is the version 1 of my checklist for using 4x5 in the field.

  1. Secure the camera on the tripod.
  2. Remove the back lens cover and mount the lens.
  3. Lock it.
  4. Open the lens to its largest aperture (smallest f-stop)
  5. Focus and use movements
  6. Close the lens shutter
  7. Cock the lens
  8. Meter the scene to get the desired aperture and shutter speed for the film being used
  9. Test fire the shutter at desired aperture / shutter speed
  10. Close it again
  11. Cock the lens
  12. Tap the film holder (film has habit of moving while in the bag)
  13. Insert the film holder in the camera making sure you hear the "click"
  14. Remove the dark slide
  15. Fire the shutter - make the image.
  16. Insert the film holder - use your own system to know the film is exposed.
  17. Put the film holder in a ziplock bag.
  18. Fingers crossed.
Chamonix 45N-2 at work

Chamonix 45N-2 at work