Are your images a reflection of your state of mind?

A recent conversation with a fellow photographer made me think about this. He was talking about another artists he knows and how his images had stark contrast while he was going through personal turmoil. And then one day all the new work was airy and brighter. Which made him guess that his friend has found love again.

Not sure of such a distinct relationship between the art and the artist however it is possible. Here is an image from bolehill in peak district. Version 1 is right after few days of making this image whereas version 2 a recent one. I was intentionally started listening to a certain kind of music while processing images. What do you think?

Click to view large. Version 1 processed in November 2016

Click to view large. Version 1 processed in November 2017.

Standing Tall

This is one of my favorite places on the earth. And it reminds me of another favorite of mine I'm yet to visit, Yosemite. I think this was made with my EOS 500D with 70-200/4L. I was forced to use this lens as I managed to drop my very dear Tamron 17-50/2.8 on the first morning there. In a way it was good as I really started to enjoy the experience of 'compressed' landscape than wide angle vistas. It helped me de-clutter and come back with memorable images.