Magic Falls and Tilt-Shift Magic

Canon EOS 6D, 45mm TS-E

Canon EOS 6D, 45mm TS-E

I often miss the fun of ground glass view and movements of a large format camera. Unfortunately it has become quite expensive to develop the sheet film in UK. However I've always loved the DOF one can achieve using tilt function.

Fortunately Canon offers one of the best TS-E lenses on the planet today. Although I have not owned their new, much better, and expensive version ii line, I did own 24mm and 45mm TS-E while using canon digital camera. This image was made using EOS 6D with 45mm TS-E. Both tilt and shift were employed to create this square image which I found much pleasing than typical slender vertical the camera affords. It is a fantastic experience to tuck under a dark cloth, look at the vertically flipped view on the LCD, and play with the tilt to get the right DOF and refine the composition. Meditating. I've now replaced this combination with much lighter and equally good Sony A7 + Canon FD 35mm TS.

Why do you hike?

Because it is meditating. Liberating- from the the usual grind. It is a way to appreciate what life is all about. To distill- the wheat from the chaff. And a way to record the moments which take my breath away.

Standing Tall

This is one of my favorite places on the earth. And it reminds me of another favorite of mine I'm yet to visit, Yosemite. I think this was made with my EOS 500D with 70-200/4L. I was forced to use this lens as I managed to drop my very dear Tamron 17-50/2.8 on the first morning there. In a way it was good as I really started to enjoy the experience of 'compressed' landscape than wide angle vistas. It helped me de-clutter and come back with memorable images.

Last Light

Too many midges and almost grey sky meant I was ready to go to the cottage. However am glad I stayed till the 'last light' happened. This was one of the few landscape images I made during our 10 day long family holiday in the beautiful area of Kingussie.

Balnabruaich is the cottage where we stayed and highly recommend as well. If you need to have owners contact details write me please.